The LarKings were originally formed in 1961 in Williamsburg and Ridgewood Brooklyn, NY. They first performed at Eli Whitney High School After a few years of performing they reformed in 1993. Making their debut at the United Group Association, they are considered one of the most popular vocal groups which specialize in reproducing the sounds of the Moonglows and Nutmegs.
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Their Melliflous voices has won them the Lead East Vocal Group Acappella Competition twice. No doubt you too will be mezmorized by the sweet harmonic sounds of
the LarKings
The LarKings have appeared throughout the US,and have arranged and have been the vocal group for such prestigious R&B legends George Grant, Baby Washington, Ruth McFadden, Willie Winfield and Chuck Carbo of the Spiders. A few members were featured on Saturday Night Live, Warren was actually on American Bandstand with Dick Clark. The great Leon McLaine originally recorded with the Quinns "Oh Starlight" on Paul Winley's Cyclone label. Gil was on tour with  acappella giants the Persuasions. BJ is the founder of  Cleveland Still's Dubs. Tino is currently with Norman Fox and the Rob Roys. The LarKings were also part of 1994 The United Group Harmony Association Hall of Fame Group which backed up Harold Jaynes and presently the Nutmegs. Jose premiered with "Stardust"
The LarKings repertoire consists of 50's, 60's and 70's music.They have won Veteran Group of the Year for 1997 and have a new CD available on the Clifton label, and now the LarKings have been inducted into the Doowop Hall of Fame 2009 at Boston Symphony Hall